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Java. Podstawy. Wydanie XI
  • Autor: Cay S. Horstmann
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  • ISBN: 978-83-283-5778-5
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Excel 2016 PL. Biblia
  • Autor: John Walkenbach
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Chris Fry, Martin Nystrom - Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Autor: Chris Fry, Martin Nystrom

Format: eBook

Data wydania: 2009-02-09

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How well does your enterprise stand up against today's sophisticated security threats? In this book, security experts from Cisco Systems demonstrate how to detect damaging security incidents on your global network--first by teaching you which assets you need to monitor closely, and then by helping you develop targeted strategies and pragmatic techniques to protect them.

Security Monitoring is based on the authors' years of experience conducting incident response to keep Cisco's global network secure. It offers six steps to improve network monitoring. These steps will help you:

  • Develop Policies: define rules, regulations, and monitoring criteria
  • Know Your Network: build knowledge of your infrastructure with network telemetry
  • Select Your Targets: define the subset of infrastructure to be monitored
  • Choose Event Sources: identify event types needed to discover policy violations
  • Feed and Tune: collect data, generate alerts, and tune systems using contextual information
  • Maintain Dependable Event Sources: prevent critical gaps in collecting and monitoring events

Security Monitoring illustrates these steps with detailed examples that will help you learn to select and deploy the best techniques for monitoring your own enterprise network.

Cena: 118.15 zł
Zniżka: 20.85%

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